Flame Clip Fitters


Small XS (ref. fr_ / ref. us_) lampshades have a flame clip fitter for a standard candelabra bulb for chandeliers and sconces and are sold by 1 to 12 lampshades in the same fabric.

Details and Illustration of a small lamp shade with a flame clip fitter for chandeliers or sconces.
Small lampshades with flame clip fitters in various flower, toile and check printed fabrics for chandeliers or sconces.

Fitter Details

  • Flame/candle clip
  • Top width : 3 inches (= 7,62 cm)
  • Wire frame : brass-plated or gold-color metal
  • Drop height : about 5/8" (≈ 1,5 cm)
  • Flame clip height : about 2 3/8" to 3" (≈ 6 to 7,5 cm)

Small lampshades with flame clip fitters in white linen for chandeliers or sconces.


A flame clip fitter lampshade clips directly on a flame/candle shaped light bulb. These lampshades are most commonly used for chandeliers/candelabra (ceiling lamps) and sconces (wall lamps).

Details and illustration on assembling a small clip-on lamp shade on a flame-candle style light bulb.