European Fitters – E27


Small, medium and large lampshades S – SM – M – ML – L (réf. fr_) have an E27 fitter ring for standard european sockets and are sold by 1 to 2 lampshades in the same fabric.

European lampshade with an E27 fitter ring for standard European lamp sockets.
Illustration of an E27 fitter ring of a European lamp shade for a standard European lamp socket.

Fitter Details

  • European : Standard ring for E27 caps (inner diameter 40 mm = 1 9/16")
    An adaptor-reducer ring (inner diameter 27 mm = 1 1/16") can be added for lamps with E14 sockets.
  • White epoxy wire frame
  • Margin : standard height
  • Lampshade to rest on a lamp base
    Possibility of having your lampshade as a pendant shade for ceilings (only for the cylinder shape).


S – SM – M – ML – L lampshades have a standard height margin (between the fitter and the bottom of the shade) which allows the lamp socket to be hidden.
The margin height is 2,5 to 3 cm for small shades, 3 to 3,5 cm for medium size shades and 3,5 to 4 cm for larger shades.
Custom-made lampshades (to your measurements) makes it possible having a margin with more or less height.


A lampshade with a european fitting is similar to a slip UNO fitter, except for having a large flat disc ring. The ring slips on to the lamp socket (E27) and is secured by a plastic or metal cap which is screwed on to hold it in place.

Assembling a European fitter E27 lamp shade on a European standard socket of a lamp base.