About Us

Nathalie Hannon designer in France of original lamp shades made to order

Nathalie Hannon was born in the United States in San Francisco, California. She grew up in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Dallas. After graduation, she arrived in France to continue her studies in Bordeaux then Paris.

A designer graduate of ESMOD fashion school in Paris, she worked for several years as a design illustrator for fashion tendency books and with top fashion designers.

Working with fabrics has always been her passion. Combining her passion with interior design, Nathalie Hannon uses her know-how by toying with the light to produce original lighting with her lampshades.

You will discover more than 400 different fabric prints classified into 9 themes in the lampshade collection to transform your lamps to create ambience lighting to brighten up your home : living room, dining room, bedroom, children’s room, …

Each lampshade of Nathalie Hannon is made with care and upon your request, from the creation to the manufacturing. All of the lampshades are hardback, handmade and made in France.

Here are her lampshades.

Original and unique fabric print lampshades by Nathalie Hannon designer
Floral printed fabric lampshades in a large variety of printed fabrics for a unique lighting interior design by Nathalie Hannon designer
Variety of unique lampshades for lamps for interior design by Nathalie Hannon designer
Stripes, dots, gingham and plaid printed fabric Lampshades for lamps by Nathalie Hannon designer